3.3. Train a neural network

$ ./blueoil.sh train config/test.yml

  ./blueoil.sh train <YML_CONFIG_FILE> <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY(optional)> <EXPERIMENT_ID(optional)>

   YML_CONFIG_FILE       config file path for this training  [required]
   OUTPUT_DIRECTORY      output directory path for saving models [optional] (defalt is ./saved)
   EXPERIMENT_ID         id of this training [optional] (default is {CONFIG_NAME}_{TIMESTAMP})

blueoil train command runs actual training.

Before running blueoil train command, make sure you’ve already put training/test data in the proper path, defined in configuration file.

If you want to stop training, you should type Ctrl + C or kill blueoil.sh processes. And you can restart training from saved checkpoints with setting EXPERIMENT_ID to be the same as existing id.