3.4. Convert your training result to FPGA ready formatΒΆ

$ python3 blueoil/cmd/main.py convert -e test_20180101000000

  main.py convert [OPTIONS]

    -e, --experiment_id TEXT        ID of this experiment.  [required]
    -p, --checkpoint TEXT           Checkpoint name. e.g. save.ckpt-10001
    -t, --template TEXT             Path of output template directory.
    --image_size <INTEGER INTEGER>  input image size height and width. if these are not provided, it restores from saved experiment config.e.g --image_size 320 320
    --project_name TEXT             project name which generated by convert
    --help                          Show this message and exit.

python3 blueoil/cmd/main.py convert command converts trained models to executable binary files for x86, ARM Cortex-A9, and FPGA.